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In 2007 members of Vagon Hermoso sufficiently renovated one of the train cars. There this May, we will hold more workshops in Printmaking and Photography that the artists of Lo Curativo first introduced to Buratovich.

children on tracks
photo by Catherine Burke

The Next Step:
The remaining wagon will be converted into an artists residency, where invited artists can produce their work and both teach and learn from the community. The space will also serve to host people and collectives for the development of artistic, social, environmental, technological, and educational projects. The wagon will be equipped as a tiny house with a sleep space, workspace, and library. It will incorporate ecologically friendly components into its design, including a garden of sustainable and useful vegetation and an outdoor compost toilet. The Residency Wagon will build bonds of friendship and knowledge through shared experiences of working together for common goals.

photo by Carolina Pellejero